Painted And Decorated Side Table M

3 ft. 10 ins. wide x I ft. 7 ins. deep x 2 ft. 7 ins. high. Date nhnnf 17Q0.


In the Victoria and Albert Museum. I ft. 6J ins. wide x 3 ft. 4J ins. high x I ft. 3i ins. deep. Date about 1780-90.

frieze are inlaid with small oval fans. The tapered legs finish in the peculiar " collared " toe which is characteristic of the Hepplewhite school.

In Fig. 154 the satinwood is very pale in colour, and is banded with kingwood. The central tablet is inlaid with scroll marqueterie of the same wood, and the semi-oval in the back of each top is of holly in a ground of rosewood. Fig. 155 is another of the side or pier tables of this date, of beech, japanned and decorated. The edges of the top and the frieze are banded with rosewood, and the legs, framings, and top are decorated with painted sprigs of ivy leaves. Although Chippendale's style in furniture had quite gone out of fashion at this date, the flamboyant mirrors which are so associated with his name still remained in favour until nearly the close of the century. In the usual arrangement of the apartments where these side tables were placed, the carved gilded mirror-frames were generally used for the embellishment of the wall above.

Fig. 156 is the well-known specimen cabinet from the Victoria and Albert Museum, which shows the dainty character of much of the furniture of the Hepplewhite period. The whole of the surfaces are veneered with sycamore, with oval panels of thuja in the doors, 011 the sides, and in the centre of the top. Each of these panels is surrounded by a band formed of small " roundels " of ebony, ringed and dotted with holly. The same ornament is used for the banding of the doors, sides, and top, and on a small frieze above the door is another row of larger roundels in patera form. The legs of the stand are tapered on the inside edges only—a detail peculiar to the Hepplewhite school—and have also a slight outward splay which gives a very satisfactory appearance of stability and

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