Painted And Decorated Settee

6 ft. 8 ins. long x 3 ft. o-J in. extreme height at bark. I ft. 7 ins. extreme depth of seat. Date about 1785.

hamlets and villages. It is from these makers that much of the simple but well-made furniture of 1780 to 1790 must have originated, and it shows to what extent fashion must have played a part that we can resolve nearly all the furniture of this date into some two or three types. With the enormous growth of population during the nineteenth century—from twelve and a half to over forty millions—it is difficult to comprehend how the trade of the "joyner" could have preserved such a degree of homogeneity at this period ; but it must be remembered that not only was the population small at this date—comparatively speaking—but the available patrons of the maker of furniture, even of the most simple type, must have been in far less proportion in relation to the total number of the inhabitants than is the case at the present day. To say that the entire trade divided between them a clientele of a quarter of a million is probably largely overstating the fact, even although the middle, or trading classes, had grown greatly in power and importance during the Georgian era. In spite of the fact that the later nineteenth century has witnessed the growth of large combines and trusts, and the

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