Painted And Decorated Chair

3 I in. high from floor to top of back.

The leather-covered seat is made to drop in on a rebated seat-framing. Figs. 36, 37, and 38 are the small, warden's, and master's chairs from an important set in the possession of the Drapers' Company, and are thoroughly typical of the work of Adam. The pattern of the small chair does not quite agree with the others, the centre of the oval having a carved patera from which the piercing of the back radiates. In the warden's and master's chairs the oval is flat, banded with satinwood, and with the Drapers' device—


3 ft. O ins. high from floor to top of back. I ft. IO-J- ins. across front of seat. I ft. 6 ins. depth of seat.

a ram—inlaid with the same wood. The oval back of the small chair is also slightly larger than that of the warden's chair, 16 inches and I5§- inches respectively, whereas the opposite might have been expected. In the former, also, the seat framing is veneered, or rather faced with | inch mahogany on pine, whereas in the latter, and in the master's chair, the 1 ails are of solid mahogany. The small chairs are probably of later date, made to match the others, the mahogany used, although of fine quality, being of different grain and texture. The entire set consists of eleven single (probably twelve originally), six warden's

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