Mahogany Work Table

Date about 1795.

period, as illustrated in the chapter on " Tripod Furniture " in the second volume of this book, do not appear to have been made after! about 1780. George III. was the recipient of a memorial from the wigmakers of London, praying that he would lend his august patronage and example to the renewal of the fashion, and pleading that since gentlemen had taken to wearing their own hair, the trade of the wigmaker had declined to the point of ruin. Another petition, in derision of the first, was also presented to royalty, showing emphasised the enormity, and the fair sex at a royal levee must have been veritable martyrs to fashion. George IV., if he did no more (and it is doubtful whether any further claims can be made on his behalf) than abolish the hoop by royal command, and cause the finest main road in England to be ordered and kept for his royal pleasures, may yet claim the gratitude of the English people, if only on the general principle that thanks for services not performed and favours not bestowed is a somewhat futile quality, and that it is as well to be grateful for what one receives, be it ever so little.

The wearing of wigs and powder for men had also gone out of fashion towards the end of the reign of George III., which may account for the fact that the wig-stands of the Chippendale

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