Mahogany Windowseat

In the possession ot Alan Mackinnon, Esq. 2 ft. S} ins. from floor to top of back. 2 ft. lof ins. width across front of seat. I ft. 5J ins. outside depth of seat. Date about 1780.

z such as the next two examples, illustrated in Figs. 189 and 190, is quite in the fashion of the period, and is a good specimen of the ordinary middle-class upholstered furniture of this date. Many of the smaller country towns had grown in size and importance during the latter half of the eighteenth century, and side by side with the trade of the clock-maker that of the "joyner " had grown in degree, if not in importance. We can infer from the number of grandfather clock-cases made at this date, where both the design and workmanship are of the highest order, but where the clock, and presumably the case, were produced in insignificant country towns or villages, that it was a general custom for the London apprentices, when their term had expired, to migrate to the provinces and to maintain the London traditions in mere

In the possession of Messrs. Gill & Reigate. 2 ft. 11 ins. from floor to top of back. 3 ft. 4 ins. across front of seat. I ft. 11J ins. depth of seat. Date about 17S5.
Fig. 195. "BAR-BACK SOFA."

I'late 26 in all editions of the Guide.

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