Mahogany Pembroke Table

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cedar and bottoms of .Madeira wood. The drawer in the table has a hinged writing slope, with a narrow lipping, lined with a modern paste-grain green morocco, with divisions for ink and pens on the right-hand side. Standing on the top is a case containing three drawers with ivory knobs, and a book-rack above. A handle of bent three-ply wood is provided to admit of the case being lifted off the table if required elsewhere.

  1. 320 is a small drawing table of the same date and of similar general form. The wood is a highly bleached mahogany, almost of the tone of satinwood. The top is lipped and lined with cloth. The angle of the slope and the fillet on the ft out indicate that this table was intended for the use of an artist rather than a writer, the drawer on the right hand being fitted to contain the small bladders of powder-colour then in use.
  2. 321 shows the later fashion of the " sheveret " of the very close of the century, with the tapered legs turned out at the bottom and castored—details more

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