Mahogany Inlaid Sideboard

5 ft. 6i ins. long x 2 ft. 11 ins. high ■ I ft. 5 ins. deep. Date about 1790-5.

no purpose other than for ornament. The handles on the doors are larger than those on the frieze, an unusual but very justifiable detail. Figs. 276 and 277 date from the very close of the eighteenth century, the fashion for the lion-headed handles commencing about 1795 and continuing throughout the " English Empire " period. These two sideboards correspond in date to the heavy dining-room chairs, with broad lateral splats and the front legs tapered and hollowed on the front faces, which are so general in the shops of provincial antique dealers. Fig. 276 is quite a good specimen of reputable cabinet-making, the wood being of choice quality, feathered and friezed to produce the utmost richness of effect. The deep cellarette drawers are inlaid with rosewood lines and " garter stars " of holly and ebony. It is rare to find sidedoards of this kind with the original tambour slides under the central drawer in their original condition. Fig. 277 is nearly semicircular on plan,

Fig. 273

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