Mahogany Drawing Table

2 ft. wide I ft. 6 ins. deep 2 ft. 5 ins. high. Date about 1790.


Table: l ft. 3} ins. wide ■ 1 ft. IJ m deep 2 ft. 4 ins. high. Look Carrier: 1 ft. 3 ins. wide x 9} ins. deep .•' s ins. high. Total height: I ft. 4J in-. Date about 1795-1800.

wood, the effect of which is still further enhanced by the bow sweep of the front. Fig. 309 is of a rarer type, the delicate turned legs, ornamented with spiral flutes and carved water-leaf decoration, indicating the direct influence of Thomas

Sheraton. The tops are hinged with card-table butts, to resist a strain placed upon them when open. As a piece of simple but thoughtful designing, this piece would be difficult to equal in much of the furniture produced at this later period.

The four-post bedsteads of the later half of the eighteenth century have already been referred to in the second volume, and in general character they do

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