Mahogany Day Ed

In the possession of Messrs. Williamson iN: Sons. 5tt. 10 ins. long x 2 ft. 3-i ins. deep < 3 ft. I in. height of back. Date about 179(I-IK(I0

the designing of furniture to accord with these Chinese wall-papers no attempt was made at Oriental forms unless the imitation of bamboo, as in Fig. 343, may be described as such. Even lacquer was sparingly produced, although in the furniture decorated in this manner both the ground and the execution of the ornament reaches the greatest stage of perfection attained in English lacquer work during the whole of the eighteenth century.

Fig. 344 illustrates the baluster-back chair, and also the method of decorating with panels painted with the classical subjects familiarised in the engravings of Bartolozzi. It is difficult to appreciate the rare charm of isolated examples of the Sheraton decorated

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