Mahogany Corner Chair

2 ft. 9i ins. high. 1 ft. Ill ins. total width of seat. Seat, I ft. 10 ins. x i ft. 6 ins.

of the Edict of Nantes, with which this book commenced. The accession of William the Third, the warfare between the rival East India Companies of England and Holland, the introduction of the Brunswick dynasty from Hanover, and the rise of Robert Adam, are further instances of radical changes in the development of English furniture arising from apparently trivial causes. The event, however, which served to direct the eyes of Europe in the direction of France in more marked fashion than had ever occurred before, was the execution of Louis XVI. and his young consort in 1792. Weak as the French king had been, misguided and cursed with a remarkable faculty of irritating national prejudices as Marie Antoinette undoubtedly was, the ingrained love of hereditary monarchy of Western Europe was enough to cause the nations to revolt against the barbarity of the punishment. The Reign of Terror which followed alienated every outside spark of sympathy for the French nation. It must have been known that the King and Queen of France died for the vices of the French aristocracy rather than for their own misdemeanours, but the wholesale slaughter which followed, the rise of the populai demagogues, the placing of supreme power of punishment in the hands of such men as Marat and Fouquier-Tinville, the true nobility of many of the victims, women as well as men, could not be reconciled with elementary notions of justice of nations at peace.

Both in costume and in furniture England had hitherto been content to follow in the steps of the French Court, but with the extirpation of the aristocracy and even the prescribing of the name, fashion changed in a marked degree. This is more noticeable with the chairs of the period than with the other furniture, the former having been hitherto modelled 011 French designs, often with little or no modification, whereas in the latter the general feeling had always been characteristically English in form, choice of woods, and methods of ornamentation.

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How To Sell Furniture

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