Mahogany Chair

In the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Date about 1795.

making of fortunes measured by millions, there is no doubt that, as a general rule, wealth is more equally distributed at the present day than was the case during the eighteenth century. The wages of the artisan classes were small, both in amount and in purchasing power, and the cost of all luxuries, even those which have since become almost necessaries, was prohibitively high. It is intended, at a later stage, when the firm of Gillow of Lancaster is considered, to give some exact idea of the status of the artisan classes, and also the cost of the furniture produced during the later Georgian era.

With this unequal distribution of wealth, and


3 ft. I J- ins. from floor to top of back. Seat, I ft. 9 ins. wide I ft. 4J ins. deep. Date about 1795.

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