Mahogany Bookcase

8 ft. 2 ins. high x 4 i^A'i ins. wide. Lower carcase, 1 ft. 9 ins. deep. Upper carcase, Iii ins. deep. Date about 1780.

  1. 167 is a secretaire bookcase of lofty proportions, the lower part very reminiscent of much of the later work of Thomas Chippendale, executed under the supervision of Robert Adam, as at Nostell Priory. The handles are also of the early fashion, but the general proportions and much of the detail suggest a date not before 1780 for the piece.
  2. 16S is of about the same date, and is a good example of the simple furniture of this period. Fig. 169, although of earlier type, illustrates how the traditions of the earlier Chippendale period were perpetuated until almost the close of the eighteenth century. This bureau bookcase was made in 1787, and a careful examination will reveal many details which suggest this late date, such as the detail of the cornice, the absence of the usual astragal dividing the frieze from the upper doors, the small chamfer on the outer edges of the framings of the upper doors which give them a peculiar appearance of projection, and the lower drawers, the fronts moulded with ovolo beads on the edges, and the somewhat stilted shaping of the cutout bracket plinth. The handles with engraved back plates and the escutcheons to match are, of course, of even older type than the design itself, but the vogue for handles of this kind remained

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