Mahogany Arm Chair

I ft. ioJ ins. across front of seat.

Date about 1780.

to imitate the more expensive wood, and were generally decorated with paintings of flowers, draperies, and the like. Two examples of these elaborate settees are shown in Figs. 196 and 197. Figs. 198 and 199 are two mahogany chairs, the backs of which match those of the settee from the Guide. Both have the appearance of being of provincial origin. It is surprising what snares these apparently simple shield-back chairs are for the inexperienced maker. To attain the requisite degree of comfort and stability, combined with proportions and form pleasing to the eye, is a task of consider-


3 ft. oi ins. from floor to top of back. 1 ft. Iii ins. across front of seat. I ft. yi ins. depth of seat.

Date ahout 1780.

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