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In the possession of Messrs. Gill and Reigate. io ft. 6 ins. high, x 6 ft. 4 ins. wide. Top, I ft. zi ins. deep. Bottom, 1 ft. 7 ins. deep. Date nhnnt 1780


I iu. 113. MAHOGANY CHINA CASE. 7 ft. S ins. high x 4 ft. 2 ins. wide x I ft. 3 ins. deep. Date about 1775-SC.


In the possession of Messrs. Gill and Reigale. 9 ft. 7J high x 5 ft. 3 ins. wide. Upper carcase II ins. deep. Lower carcase I ft. 6 ins. deep. Oatp nhnut 1775.

near Newcastle-under-Lvme, and at this date the ware was in high favour with the cultured classes. There is a considerable amount of unassuming detail lavished on this bookcase, such as the " pearling " of the small bead under the ogee of the cornice, the " ribbed " dentils, and the carving of the plinth moulding. The drawers are edged with small "cock-beads," and the ring handles are fluted and chased. The general proportions of the piece are' accurate and dignified, and it is worthy of being regarded as a typical example of the pure Adam style.

  1. 112 is a china cabinet rather than a bookcase, and although the patera and pendent fuchsia flowers in the panels of the side pilasters flanking the upper doors, the pateraed decoration of those below, the paterae and flutes of the dividing frieze, and the decoration of the lower doors are all in the manner of Adam, other details such as the bracket-feet, the lattice-work of the upper doors, and the bead-and-reel and the "pear-drops" of the cornice are all suggestive of the influence of the cabinet-maker. The general proportions and style of the piece are also too reminiscent of furniture and too far removed from the general style of a building to be directly due to Robert Adam.
  2. 113 has the same peculiarities ; the detail of the carving in the lunettes of the doors is very similar to the base of the back of the master's chair, Fig. 38, and the design of the whole piece appears to have been based 011 that of a Roman pedestal. There is a good deal, however, which is foreign to the style of Adam, although his influence is apparent in many instances. The same detail of dentilled and "pear-drop" cornice as in Fig. 112 will be noticed.

In the possession of Messrs. Gill and Reigale. 9 ft. 7J high x 5 ft. 3 ins. wide. Upper carcase II ins. deep. Lower carcase I ft. 6 ins. deep. Oatp nhnut 1775.

In the possession of Tercival D. Griffiths, Esq.

Upper ( arcase. Lower Carcase.

3 ft. 2\ ins. high. 2 ft. 9 ins. high, i ft. 6J ins. deep. I ft. 7J ins. deep. Date about 17(>5 70.

The mahogany bookcase, Fig. 114, has the same lattice-work in the upper doors as in Fig. 112, but here the mesh is much finer, without any bolting of the intersections—a simple wire mesh. The door framings are finished square, without the usual ogee moulding, and glass panels have been added at a later date. The frieze is fluted, with paterae plainly turned, without carving, the same pattern being repeated on the lower doors. These are veneered on flush framings, with ovals of curl mahogany surrounded by plain wood.

Similar details to the preceding will be noticed in the beautiful double chest of drawers, Fig. 115. It would be difficult to find a finer specimen of eighteenth - century cabinet - work designed under Adam influence than this. The cornice, of somewhat peculiar section, is fluted on the fillet in place of the usual dentilling. The frieze is " stop-fluted," divided with turned and carved paterae very finely executed. The drawers are cock-beaded, and veneered with choice curl-figured mahogany, which has toned, with age, to a beautiful golden-brown shade. The drawer rails are crossbanded with the same wood. The chamfered pilasters are inlaid with very delicate marqueterie, a rosette with pendent " husks," in green and brown stained holly. The inlaid escutcheons are of ivory, and the handles are finely wrought and chased, and plated with silver. The gadroon plinth moulding and carved bracket-feet demonstrate the influence of the school of Chippendale, and although the pedigree of this double


In the possession of Messrs. Gill and Reigate. 6 ft. 7Í ins. high x 2 fl. 10 ins. wide x 1 ft. ins. deep on lower carcase. Date iihnnt 1770.

In the possession of \V. Clare Lees, Esq. 7 ft. 4 ins. high x 4 ft. wide. Date about 1770.

Lower part.—3 ft. 2f ins. wide x 3 ft. 2} ins. high, x 1 ft. 9 ins. deep. Date about 1780.

Fig. 119.


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