Walnut Armchairs

Date about 1670-S0. Earl Brownlow.

had seen to be imminent. It was not the aristocracy who thus forsook their country, but the artisan and peasant classes, and it is to these emigres that England owed its knowledge and skill in the weaving of silks and velvets, and South Africa some of its finest families of settlers, men whose descendants fought against England, and successfully, at Majuba, some two centuries later. We do not know these Huguenots by name, in connection with silk-weaving, although they established a colony in Spitalfields which remained famous for many years, but on the dials of long-case and bracket clocks such names as Nieue, Du Chesne, De Charmes, Massy, and de la Fontaine perpetuate this persecution of the French Protestants of 1685-90.

Apart from the mere use of these elaborate silks and velvets, their influence in the development of form in chair-designing was immediate and immense. They overpowered the simple pattern of the earlier Restoration years, and designs were altered

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