Types Of Twist Or Spiralturning Of The Seventeenth Century

training of the eye and a taste in details and proportions which make the turned balusters of this period real works of art,—a delight to the connoisseur. The altar-railing from New Romney Church, Fig. 179, is given here to show this perfection in detail, and skill in design, of the wood-turners of the early- Orange vears. The beauty of these balusters, the subtlety of each line and member can only be appreciated on careful examination. It is only when a memory copy is made, and compared with the original, that the full idea of how much has been overlooked or ill-remembered becomes apparent even to a trained draughtsman.

We have been concerned, in this chapter, chiefly with the evolution of table-leg turning. It is only just before the eighteenth century is reached that shaping (such as in the instance of the cabriole leg) begins to usurp the place of turning. The subject here concerning itself with the development of the solid oak table, some later forms which are associated, almost entirely-, with the use of walnut and veneering have not

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