The End View Of The Chest

nature of iron there is also the suggestion that these locked chests have been rifled, in nearly even instance, a not unlikely contingency, considering the state of England in the fifteenth century.

The fine oak chest from the Victoria and Albert Museum, which is inscribed " X. FARES," is illustrated in Figs. 34 and 35. This remarkable piece was obviously made to stand with one end against a wall (the opposite end to the one shown in the illustration is plain), but it is carved on both sides, and the back, or hinged side, is more ornate than the front. The central hole in the front shows that it was originally fitted with one of the enormous and complicated iron locks, in height of full chest-depth, which were only used on very important coffers, made to contain articles of great value. This is a late fifteenth-century chest, and of English make, beyond question, and it could only have been made for an important person or purpose. »Jlr. Fred Roe's contention that it was made for an apothecary of high standing of the name of Fares can only be

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