Portion Of Oak Altar Railing

Date about 169C-5. Xew Romney Church, Kent. cllisel and gOtlge, as a

Another, and a later form of the hinged top table, which could be used for dining when extended, and when not required for such use, could be folded and placed against a wall, is shown in Fig. 173. Here the section of the stretcher-rails and the bun fret below the twisted legs indicate a date towards the end of the reign of Charles II. This table is made from English walnut, another evidence of a late period.

The form of the graceful vase-baluster begins towards the middle of the seventeenth century, and carries us into the. early years of the eighteenth. Its development, and the probable reasons which dictated its evolution, will be considered later. In Fig. 174 this type just begins to assert itself. In the small table, Fig. 175, it is shown in its advanced form, but there is a tendency to elaboration in the turning members of the lower part of the shaft, which is not found 111 the later work. Figs. 176 and 177 show the growing tendency towards simplicity', in the turning of these vase-balusters, which manifests itself as the century advances. Fig. 178 is an important table, which may date from the short reign of James II, but is probably even later. The legs are finely proportioned and turned with great skill and taste. The general construction is early in type, but there is a maturity 111 the composition of the whole design which suggests a late date.

As the seventeenth century closes, there are evidences of increasing skill in the use of the turning lathe, not so much a mere mechanical per-

fection in the use of the

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