Oak Table Wth Hnged Tops

Top, 2 ft. 7 ins. by 2 ft. 2 ins. 2 ft. oj in. high.

Date about 1620-40. W. Smedlev Aston, Esq.

such as the remarkable shuffleboard table at Astley Hall, here shown in Figs. 150 to 161, do not disprove this, as the table was made of great length for a specific purpose, i.e. a game, and all other considerations would be subservient to this. With long refectory tables, the great length presupposes the Great Hall, which was declining in importance, even in the later days of Elizabeth. In instances where these long tables were intended for the guardroom, an even earlier date must be assigned, as fortified houses, necessitating a guardroom close to the drawbridge, were rarely built after the first years of the

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How To Sell Furniture

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