Oak Table With Hinged Tops

Top, 3 ft. 9 ins. by 3 ft. 3 ins. 2 ft. 3 ins. high.

Date about 1660-70. H. Clifford Smith, Esq.

fitted with a central door, behind which is a cupboard, probably intended to contain silver or pewter. Fig. 165 is smaller, and has the true vase-baluster leg of the later period of James II. This is, however, still a Cromwellian piece. It has the folding hinged top supported on the pull-out back leg in the maimer of this date.

These tables with double tops, pave the way, in the progression of table-types, for the gate-leg, where the top consists of a central part with hinged flaps on either side, each supported on a pull-out leg or gate. It must not be assumed, however, that these Cromwellian double-top tables are the progenitors of the gate-leg. Fig. 166, although it may possess an early appearance by reason of its crudity, both in design and make, is still prior to the Commonwealth and might be referred to a date as earl}' as the reign of James I. It would be safer, however, to ascribe it to the years between 1620 and 1640. It is, probably, of Welsh origin, which would account for the solid trestle-form of the supports at either end. The development from this type is shown in Fig. 167, where some attempt at relief from this primitive trestle form has been attempted. The

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