Oak Table With Hinged Tops

Top, 5 ft. 9 ins. by 5 ft. 1 in. 2 it. 4 ins. high.

Date about 1660. Messrs Williamson and Sons.

method of pivoting the gates on either side is early, indicating a date not later than about 1640. This table is, probably, of Shropshire origin.

It is to the period of the Commonwealth that we owe the so-called bobbin-turning before referred to. Small tables, often of oak, but sometimes of apple, pear, cherry or almond, were made in numbers for the Puritan houses. They are generally of simple type, but extremely effective, correct in proportions, and showing considerable ingenuity in the use of the lathe. Three examples are given in Figs. iGS to 170, of which the last is probably somewhat the earlier in date.

The gate-leg table reaches its full style and importance after the Restoration, and although at this period, walnut was superseding oak, for such pieces of furniture as were made to stand away from a wall,- chairs and the like,— these tables are more often found in oak than in walnut, especially' when of large size. Fig. 171 is one of the smaller

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