Oak Table With Hinged Tops

Top, 2 ft. yi ins. by 2 ft. 6 ins. 2 it. 4J ins. high. Date about 1645.

W. Smedley Aston, Esq.

style alone an earlier date might be assigned to this great table, places it as contemporary with the re-facing of the Hall in 1665, and the construction of the Gallery in which it is at present. The possibility of advantage being taken of the work done at the time to house a pre-existing table in a Gallery long enough to contain it, is ignored, not altogether with reason. If made for the gallery, instead of the reverse process, it is curious that such details as the lion, unicorn, crown and thistle,—details which had a real and topical significance during the reign of James I,- should have been perpetuated some fifty years later, when the union of England and Scotland must have been forgotten as an event in English history. In any case, the type of leg-turning is that of the first quarter of the seventeenth century, which is the date given here.

  1. 162 is one of the small side or serving tables which were made in numbers during the first half of the seventeenth century. The top is in the form of half an octagon. The legs are in the column form of the period, turned with astragal rings in pairs. The squares above are ornamented with the early Jacobean type of split baluster. The table has a drawer, the front of which is decorated with flat fret or strap-work, carved from the solid. It was originally fitted with a second top, hinged to the first and supported on a pivoted framed " gate " behind.
  2. 163 is later, and of more usual type. Here the legs are of the inverted vase-baluster form, which develops in several way*s towards the close of the Restoration period. This is a true side table of the Cromwell period, and may be taken as a good example of the simple furniture which was in favour during Puritan times in England. Fig. 164 has the extending leg at the back and a double hinged top, so that it could be used, on occasion, as a centre table. It is

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