Oak Chest Nlaid With Marqueterie And Parqueterie Of Various Woods

4 ft. i ins. wiie by 2 ft. 2| ins. high by i ft. 9J ins. deep.

Late sixteenth Century. A. W. Frost, Esq.

are nearly always more spontaneous in type ; an artistic virtue, which, however commendable for many reasons, has the drawback of establishing no definite manner such as would render accurate dating possible, in the absence of preserved records. As a criterion of periods, or methods prevalent in their districts, these Devonshire pulpits are useless as guides in estimating dates, or in indicating localities of manufacture.

There is another reason why pulpits prior to the end of the sixteenth century are useless for the purpose which is intended here. They are rarely, if ever, true to the type of their period. It is common knowledge that the Gothic style has, in many localities, a fixed association with the Church, and any furnishings, whether of wood or metal, are, in design, limited to that style. There would be little to complain of, as a rule, were the Gothic properly understood, but, unfortunately, in nearly even-instance, it is the worst possible travesty of the style which ignorance and the commands of economy can devise.

That this practice of using the Gothic long after the introduction of the Renaissance

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