Oak Chest Inlaid With Marqueterie And Parqueterie Of Various Woods

3 ft. ii ins. wide by 2 ft. 6i ins. high by 1 ft. Si ins. deep.

Late sixteenth century. W. Smedley Aston, Esq.

also very rare. There is one at Upper Winchendon in Bucks, and two are known in Gloucester, at Evenlode and Stanton.

It is, however, from the beginning of the sixteenth century onwards, that pulpits begin to have an interest, for our present purpose, in establishing local manners and periods, as they either copy the pattern of the chest, coffer and cupboard-fronts of their time, or chests are, in turn, copied from them. In any case a fashion is inaugurated, and, in consequence, they become valuable as data. In addition, pulpits of the sixteenth century onwards are nearly always in the secular manner of their time; the Gothic remains only as a trace. Devonshire pulpits do not enter into consideration here. Not only are they exceptional in design,— frequently' very richly ornamented,— but construction also varies, at the same period, from the primitive method of hewing and fashioning from the solid tree-trunk,—as in the very late fifteenth-century example at Chivelstone,—to the properly framed and panelled manner of eastern England of this period. Devonshire pulpits are, as a rule, not only locally made, but often at a much later date than their style would indicate, and they rareljfollow the fashions in design which are current at this period in other parts of England. As a consequence they

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