Oak And Pearwood Dole Cupboard

Height, 2 ft. G^ins. ; width, 3 ft. ; depth, Si ins. l.ate seventeenth century.

  1. Clifford Smith, 62

Tirst half of the seventeenth century.

St. Alban's Abbey.

the woodworker copied the stonemason very closely in the early periods. It is probable, of course, that these round shafts were fashioned by hand, without the use of the lathe at all, and this is further suggested by the fact that the diamond-sectioned mullion, or shaft, rapidly ousts the turned column in the screens of the later years of the fourteenth century, and round balusters or shafts do not appear again. The diamond or square section would be obtained by workmanlike means, with the tools of that date, whereas round shafts, in the absence of the lathe, would be troublesome to pro-Esq. duce, with very little decorative

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