Mahogany Case With Concave Cresting To The Hood

1770 type.

With the exception of the early star and fan inlay, we can divide marqueterie into " allover," panelled and mosaic. Further classification of the marqueterie itself into coloured, monotone, arabesque, etc., might be attempted, but it would be almost necessary to make a separate class for each clock, and this system, therefore, must be abandoned. Generally speaking, however, coloured marqueterie, especially when the ornament is of jessamine leaves and flowers of white or stained green ivory, in a ground of dark wood, is earlier than the inlay of yellow holly or sycamore in walnut. Panelled ornament, as a rule, is earlier than " all-over " marqueterie, but this is subject to wide exceptions.

The form of the long-case itself undergoes a defined progressive change from 1G80 to 1710. Apart from miniature or " grandmother " clocks, -that is, those which were specifically made of exceptionally small size,—hoods were usually made for 10-inch dials up to 1690, and

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