Fruitwood Bobbinturned Chairs

Early seventeenth century. W. Smedley Aston. Esq, iS;

An interesting chair from Thorpe Arch Hall, Yorks, dated 1682, is shown in Fig. 239. This is a recent Museum acquisition. The date is, of course, the period of the Restoration walnut chairs, and oak overlaps with walnut towards the end of the reign of Charles II. Although carved in oak, the cresting rail of the back possesses the walnut details of this time, as exemplified in the richly7 carved and pierced stretchers which are to be found tenoned between the middle squares of the twist-turned legs of the Restoration walnut chairs. Examples of these will be illustrated in a later chapter. This model represents the last phase of the English oak chair.

We have now to retrogress and take up another channel of development in the history of our subject. Mention has already been made of the so-called "tourneyed" chairs of the period of Henry7 VIII, which were referred to as novelties and objects of great value in inventories of the

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