Dole Cupboard Of Deal

Carved and inlaid. Height, 2 ft. ; width, 2 ft. 4 ins. ; depth, 9 ins. First half of the seventeenth century.

H. Clifford Smith, Esq.

were made, with open fronts partly filled in with turned balusters or spindles. They were intended either to be placed on a table, shelf or bracket, or to be fixed to the wall. Their probable use was to contain articles of food, for the keeping of which ventilation was necessary. Numbers of these cupboards are to be found in churches, as it was the custom, at this date, to distribute loaves and similar offerings to the poor of the parish, on certain stated occasions, in fulfilment of the terms of wills of charitable persons. One such gift, from the Skinners' Company, survived to recent times, if it has ever been abolished. These spindle-fronted dole-cupboards (for want of a better name) may have been made especially for such offerings, but this cannot be substantiated. Fig. 88, in the South Transept of St. Alban's Abbey, was undoubtedly used for such a purpose. Fig. Sq is from the same source. Both are designed with considerable taste, and the workmanship, especially' the carving, is good. The spindles of the former are of the pattern of the later Charles I period. The latter may be earlier. '1 he date, 1770, scratched on the right-hand bottom corner, is probably7 that of the commencement of a dole «

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