Directions For Making Tiie Table

Lay our and cut the shape of the top on a piece of prettily gra'ned mahogany. Prepare a piece of s at'n wood or curly grained maple to he used for the center of the marquetry. Set it in place on the top ard scribe around it with a knife. Now carefully remove the wood between the lines and, with a router, level the place so that when the center is glued its top surface will be flush with the top of the table. When it is dry score knife lines around it and cut the groove for the border. Miter the cor-

Take the top over to the circular saw and cut away space for the yi" border. The cut should be equal to the thickness of the veneer and inlay. The next step is to glue the to glue the

Mahogany Tip-Tcp Table, Inlaid Maple a"d Satin Wood

white holly line along the inner edge. Next place the cross-grained veneer in position. The corners must be mitered. Now e\en up the outer edge on the saw. After the work has been allow ed to dry thoroughly, a nairow groove can be cut on the saw along the edge for the outside white holly lines. Use the same pattern in this groove as was placed around the marquetry.

The pedestal can now be turned on the lathe and the locating of the three feet is done the same way as for the mahogany tea table described on page 18. The shaping of the feet, making the maple block and the cleats arc all mentioned in the same project and can be applied to this one.


mahogany tip-top table

mahogany tip-top table


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Sheraton Breakfast-Tab/e Ocfo/t Showing location of hinge on drop tea yes

Sheraton Breakfast-Tab/e Ocfo/t Showing location of hinge on drop tea yes

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