Directions For Making The Frame

Make a mahogany frame of stock which is J4" thick and iy^" wide. Cut some cross-grained w ood on the circuiar saw yi" thick, 6" wide and 1" long, and glue it to the face of the frame, mitering the corners. 1 ake a piece of cardboard and mark it off in 2[tj" squares. Copy the scroll for the top, sides and base of the frame and cut the outline. Use burl-grained wood f" thick and dow el and glue it to the frame. The grain of the side pieces should run in the same direction as the top piece. When the glue is dry, place the card-board patterns on the wood and mark the outline. Take the frame to the band-saw and cut close to the lines. Smooth up the edges, round over the arrises of the frame and the project is ready for staining and finishing.

A very neat little frame can be made a mirror measuring 7' x 11".

Colonial Looking Glass the same design by planning to use

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