Directions For Making The Case

This project is so laree that it will be veneer of J a" can be placed on al! outside better to regard the makingof thecaseasa surfaces. To start the case, shape up a separate undertaking. A complete case of board for the back 17''wide an J

mahogany will cost a little more but will long. Workout the outline and then build be much more valuable. On the other on the sides which have the heavj cleats hand, by using well seasoned stock a Ifi"xa>i" along the upper edges. Put or.

the front which also has a cieat. Now place the long sides 7^"' wide and fasten them securely to the back of the case and to the cleats. On the inside, place corner blocks every 12" apart. These sides stop KMEn from the top. The long narrow pieces on each side of the door are wide and extend 3" above the upper moulding. Notch them before fastening to the case and mortise the cross rails above and below. Quarter-round mouldings fit into the notches and thin pieces of wood or brass should be located at the ends. Fluted or reeded corners will look better than the piam style which is shown on this case. Make up all the mouldings as shown in the sections. A cross rail is found just above ┬┐he bonnet moulding on the case and is jointed to the stiles. Wooden supports are placed on the inside of the case, to hold the works. The floor cf the case is made of heavy stock owing to the strain that may be brought to bear upon it due to a falling weight.

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