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started using ceramic yarn guides because synthetic yarns are abrasive and cut into steel guides quickly. Putting the two observations together, I tried finishing turned chair parts by first sanding with 000 garnet paper, then holding a scrap of synthetic-fiber drapery material against the spinning work. The cloth picked up grit left on the wood, and in less than a minute did indeed give the pieces a smoother look and feel.

Disassembling old tabletops



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1 ra Unscrew nut to break m lyj joint for regluing. fcN

This technique is quite effective for disassembling old table-tops for regluing. It requires two scraps of hardwood, one of which is drilled to accept a hex-head machine bolt and nut, as shown in the sketch. When you unscrew the nut, it exerts pressure against the clamped blocks, forcing them, and the glue joint, apart. As pressure builds, place a piece of scrap over the joint and hammer the scrap to jolt the glue joint. This technique puts tremendous declamping pressure in just the right spot without damage to the tabletop.

Jigsaw blower from recycled hair dryer

Wood Machinery Manufacturers America
Hair dryer

This sawdust blower is simply an old hair dryer, with its heating element disconnected, and a length of plastic hose. Wire the switch so it turns on with the saw. This system works fine-much better, in fact, than the blower that came with the jigsaw.

—Dud Brown, Birmingham, Mich.

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