Non Toxic Finishes

LIVOS is a new approach in beautiful finishing without the use of toxic chemicals. Your environment will be improved through the pleasant fragrance of plant oils, essential oils and natural tree resins. Breathing problems, dizziness and other after-effects are eliminated. No toxic fumes during application or from the dried product. No mineral spirits, no petroleum products, no chemical dryers.

Safe for children, animals and plants. Send for FREE Mail Order Catalogue on: Oil Finishes, Waxes, Shellacs, Lacquers, Polishes, Stains & Wood Preservatives. (Product of West Germany) WOODPECKER'S TOOLS, INC. 614 AGUA FRIA STREET #11, SANTA FE, NM 87501 (50S) 988-2288 Please send me also your FREE Mail Order Catalogue of Quality Tools for Professionals and Craftsmen. Q


Dovetail Jig

New Model D- I 258- I 2"

  • Half-blind AND through Dovetails
  • Variable size and spacing of tails
  • Simple set up
  • Repeatability

Introductory Offer $27500 postpaid

(includes router bits and instructions) Regular s29500 post paid Offer expires April 30, 1985 MasterCard • Visa • MO • Check

Call Toll Free 1-800-255-9800

in Oklahoma Call 405-842-6828 Collect Send $2.00 for our Catalog.


7923 N. May Ave. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73 I 20





Dependable extra hands for all types of clamping and work-holding jobs: woodworking projects, home maintenance, and furniture repair -j n--.

Write for FREE LITERATURE. For big 32-page "how-to-clamp-it" catalog, send 50$

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Wood Working 101

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