also popular This form started a bit narrow under the shouldei, then swelled to a maxi mum diameter at one-quarter to one half of the way down.

Shaker craftsmen handled the transition from the square area at the top of the leg to the turned portion in several ways. Frequently, they cut the shoulder perfectly square, a 90° cut with a parting tod. An easier, more common transition was the 45° cut, resulting in a rounded shoulder.

Double tapered square

Straight-turned taper with straight shoulder

Straight-turned taper with round shoulder

Taper with small, flattened nng below square shoulder

Swell taper with thiee scribes

Swell taper

Swell taper with long, round shoulder

Telescope or double taper

Strarght taper with rings

Swell taper with rings and pear foot


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