Paints and Mediums

For »11 the protects in this book. I wed FolLXn acrylic plants made by Plaid 'Ilic\' come in «null pU»tic »quccre bottle* that are really hand) (o uv. and un be found at any craft or an uipjxV »tore. I like FoikAn pains» oat only ticcause they're nch ami creamy and easy tn I4cnd. but alto bccauur they're lightta»r and permanent — k> unportant when pimttng furniture Became the) 're acrylac ami water-based. dean-up » easy. And they come m so mam* different colon that youH rarely hue to mil your own

Seme ui the color» mod m thoc project» are called FolkArt Artwt»' Pigment. They 're will bottled acniic-paint» but they have more pigment in them vi the colon are a little imire saturated.

Each project in dm hook include» a color »watch chart of all the colon I uted 10 paint each poccc of furniture, so you »hooldn't have any trouble matching colon if you prefer to use a ditTerent liraml of acrylic paint.

I afco u»e FolkAn'% Floating Medium for subtle » and to make tome of my colors a little more transparent. I ju»t nui the gel-like Floating Medium with tny paint color oei the palene, or I load mv brush first with Floating Medium, then »idc load into ray paint ctik*.

On a ir» of die furniture |*ecc» m thit hook I u»ed a any amount of FolkArt'i Gold Reflecting Medium It ciime» in the »ame kkul of handy tqucere bottle as the regular acrylic colors, but if you can't bnd it at your local »tore, try using FolkÀn s Inca (»old Metallic imtcad.

Finally, to presme and protect all your hindpainted pieces of furniture. I recommend u»mg Waterloo* Virnoh by FolkAn in the »atm fini»h. \fter you have completed painting each poece. check it o»er to make wire you're happy with it. Let the paint dry completely, then apply at lea»t two coat* of the vamiih. sanding between each coat. If you plan to ute the piece outdoors, ute a earnich that i» formulated for estertor me.


The brushc» incd in aQ my projects are the FolkArt One-Stroke bnitbes from Plaid ITicse can be puniiased at any an» and craft» »uppl> »tore ami they come in the u«s I uk mint often: a *-inch (I9mra) flat, a no 12 flat. no. 6 flat, no. 2 flat, a mi 2 »cript lincT, a no. 1 senpt liner, a laigc and una! wrufty hruch, and a tin bruth The bristles on all these brushes are »ynthetic (eveept foe the natural-lwntlc »cruffy bn*»he»> and uere designed especially for my painting technique


Mmt ot the other %upplies u»ed Uw these |Vojea» can be found amuml the house or at an tuppfy »tores and home improvement centers. I dont use a fancy am»*» palene for my paints — I ju»t u»c plain uhite Siyrofoam plates. The paint doesn't abtoeb into the plates, they're lightweight and easy to hold; and «hen you're »íiinhcd. »uu thorn thcm away!

I always keep a puper towel next to my pamnng area for blotting ruw uater out of my brmh and fot general cleanup». Clear plauic wrap can be wed to make interesting "fiua finiih' effect». .And a rectangular houtehold »pinge can he u»ed to paint »hading (%cc Pn>K<t 10 for Mcp-by-step phoco» on painting a trompe l'oeil cabinet with a hou»ehold »pong*).

I tmr sand)tapcr and »anding blocks to «mooth out my rau' wood furniture pieces, then foam bru»hc» or ruSlcn for batecoattng them, sanding lightly between coat».

A «quare pia»t»c broth knia » very hand) for cleaning paint out of )our lirushe». It ha» tuo »c pirate compin-menu for dirty water ami clean water.

Finally. I ute tracing paper, black or gray graphite paper and a sty fut or pencil to transfer my pattern» onto my project piece» Fhe»e items can be found at an sopph stores.

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