ith Donna Dewberry

Enhance every room in your home with these easy painting projects


Materials ##

How to Load Your Biushes with Paint /;

SkkLw*^ IfcwUc I >titling N!iilU'l.<aftiJm)t Lm.lmj the Scrip« Lfcxr to IW Medium

IxoJing the Scmth Bruth

Basic Painting Techniques n

Painunj Uno

Painnn* i OtK-SrrcAc IaU

Painting fern Lej«o

Trimicmnp the Pattern y j t *





Cherries & Berries Desk Top *

3-Drawer Chest with Florals «

Lavender & Hydrangeas on Stackable Drawers f rr t 0 ê g * t

Tropical Birdhouse Cabinet ••

Wildflowers and Ferns on Tray Table ffjUt ÎM

Trompe L'oeil Foldir>g Screen l#f»iri#i ir

Flowers and Birds on 2-Door Cabinet

Sea Shell Trunk c

Floral Jewelry Armoire

Double Loader Donna Dewberry

Introductioi i

II* cooccpt of thñ Uxik creatcd frena mam oí thc kWit that rouJtcd ín*n my imrrxir dccoratmf dayv Sometí rao a dtent oí mine *ould Iknt an unuuul oc «entunen-til piecc »he «anted t»pan ni" j rw«n» dccoc, lut il»e fwctr ftrtt v. jin't nght. So my thought «a» aha aya... jum paiiu it to fit* Dcvcmrivc (uinnnjc alkm* that altérname.

Hi» book H ír»f jU thcm- time* »hen I had lo uretth mv jtttlirir» and to atlnowlcdfc that thc onlv u j> lo fro* i* to lca«c ni) comfort roñe \Vith that in mmd. I boj* jtw «til uy hjcdc oí thc*e pn)fcvft and in the proco* nu> ditcotcr a ne» ¿epeh to your own rromif).

I woold blx tn tdl you a tn»c uney that wiU hWp illi«-trate ih» pnant. My hinband built cwom homo U* mam jxm and »oried * nh nun) intcra* ilcomtvn Onc oí the mam thzng» be tamed wa« that often a h*nncmmer «aoted vjiiKthmjf a certain *ray hut ua% uruhle to ricariy cipUin »hat he «he »anted. And o en though the interior dccocatoc «a» a protfonocul. mam timo %hc *a« no< CorafUctdy m tune wath the ««Dcr»

So «hen I befan dev ora un je h«ncv ni) tunhund cncuur-a#cd uvr lo lie a pxxJ livtcncr I hat tumed «ut fu be Jjood aduce, btcnfte num dlW I di«cwcrcd that thc elient na« txa »ho I had perccñcd them lo be.

Hiere « a» one tmcancc where I wat fim«htnjc up an en tire dexurastnp prr*rct and appMiif the final toucho and lunfinc pkttra Soddenly my »dl-tra«c41rd (and to th» po«M. acvommndatÍA£) cfccnt pullcd out a couplc oI utsiU ta!4o «he had aapñrcd m het tratéis. Kov, tboe tahlo mouid ha>c bcen nby in a Jen (oe licncr jtt. 0 a denme 1 office) Urt they wotdd hnc bcen coraplctdy 0*1 «4 place m her clcyint livinjr roocn. She n» «ftciennmed to hi«e me fit ihcin m. and ií it wercn\ fbr my huthaod» aduce. 1 «oald ha«e vrímed

My clicnt befan to relate ho* «he had acquiml thoc píceo and thc memocio they broMfhi íoc her. I reali/cd that ií I dtd not incorpórate them mto thc roocn. the uouk] opon my depanurr.

I »ai then ablc co «ce thoe p«eco from her piarfit vé «101 and rvali/ed that %i-íth a little poini aod a fen ncn p»c*o oíhanUare. they would actuaUv male a mee addi non to her fcvinf roocn.

My dieni %>» Jcbshted' W Hit cnuid haic bcen a .Inav ter turned out to be jutl ihe oppoMte l«nt «keocatne paintinjc w«eidcrtul: Juti think -jír» hnnhamlo and a httlc cnlne can changc an icdiiur)- oc un«orial4e piccc oí fanuturc into a íinnh heirioom, a tvea«urc\l aiUhtion to yoor homc t dcooc. and an e»pce%uon oí yoor imn crrrativify.

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