Floral Jewelry Armoire


love ha% ing lot* of little drawer* to fill with all my favorite jewelry. I painted thi* little dre**er top armotre with everything I cnioy m future — wildfiouers. grasses and cutc little garden intectv Shiny hraw pull* on the drawer front* give a nice finishing touch.

Background and Foliage

1 DouWi hud J small round »Umj*ncd «pooge with Ster-1 kng Bloc and Wider White. I like i ssnthetn ipi«irc better than a tea spe«gc. che «maller holes gne a lietter eflctt. l>on't esrr put «me o4or on first, then sponge on the second — als. ass double kud four sponge

^ Make cimilar 11««um* with the »punge to quickly till in the Uadground.

3 Pounce with the sponge (doolile liudcd with more Sterling Blue and Wider White) randomly mu the still-wet paint. Let the luckgroutsd dry befc** going oa

4 Following i he pattern, use a ( l<>mm) Hat multi-

loadctl with (irccn Kncvu, While Wider, a touch of Sunflower plus Flouting Medium You w am this to be bght and transparent looking. Paint all the grass stems and laigv shadow Waves.

  • D(wmhnnntnl)|V«il)r«Wm
  • I>oahte k*ad a no <» flat with l>wu-J aune ISirpfc and Wider White. Starting at the top oí eacè stem, paint short stroies tsiasing up on the ctúsd edge of the brush) to form kasernier biosmem. On this flower. I led with the purple edge of on I rash.

Pink Blossoms

6 With a . inch (IVnun) flat inulb-liutlol with < »rcen Forest. Wicker While and Sunflower. punt in larger letter Ik A no. 10 flat clonic loaded uith Bern Wiac ami WkIxt White to point the pmk hhmocm. keeping the white toward the rippled «»uto.ic edge <4 the pctih

7V»id ixTJtrn to the pink Munuim with Born« C jrmme and YcBow Ochre double koded on a «null scruffy hnnh. Pounce in the centers holding the lUirm ( Untune ode of the brush upward

8 Using i no. 2 dipt liner with ip.iv Green Fomt, conncct each hlos-wim to the stem On the same Imnh, pick ufi Cirecn Korea and Sunflower and pull little stamen« into the centers nurslJo*lry 7$

Black-Eyed Susans

9 Paint more green «ein» in with j no. IT flat «limbic loaded with Sunflower an J (irren Fore*, pulling downward tnxn top to bottom. Paint the bftlcL-cy-ed Sumii petals with School Bus Yellow. Yellow Ochre and WWicr White im a no. 12 flat Sta> up on the chnd edge and (mil cash urule hom the «mtMde toward the center

Pounce on the centers «nth Burnt Carmine and Yellow (Xhrr doulde loaded «hi a small •cruff) leush.

"IV Ornmi fwiinin nA IXmi lk«Wiy n\«ld small lea%e* here and there among the blossoms w ith Cireen Forest and Stoiflowvr on i na I.* flii

"IV Ornmi fwiinin nA IXmi lk«Wiy

I I \ildflowers and Grasses

1 ^ For iKr u ikl vte4ct% mued m among the |»nl 14«*-I — w*m. nte Periwinkle and Wider \Miite with Float mf \t«\liuiu in mike little C.-»troke |>ctjk holding the ■hue in the <mfrr edjfe. IX«t »11*1 School B\elL»w for the centrrv

B Double load « no. 12 flat »wh (¿rem Fore«* and Wider White, then pid up t litilr Sunflower ami Fluting Mi-»!» Jin Paint the tiller Irjvrt in the cvfttrr, thro pull uciw into 1 hoc leave* With 1 bryr tcrafly bruvh multi-loaded with (¡rwti Fore*. Wider White and Sun-ftwtr, pounce am mound* tj ww at the liawr Ixt the mm dry licfcet jf»»«ng uti

" Fill the flowm ^itfi jU kiml% «»f little imevt* noriml-Iv found in a field »ildriowen

Hl'ud a no 2 H.n;»t luier with inky < .ran Foro* Jtwl paint in w«nc wild praw». pulhne upu-ird from the mm* lb paint the Queen Anne» bee. tioch «ties of a fan hrtnli mm Wider White, then urofce the gently aero» j puddle «1 Bern Wine. Lightly tap the IkwIci in a fan «ha|te to form lijjht. airy-looking blowcm

" Fill the flowm ^itfi jU kiml% «»f little imevt* noriml-Iv found in a field »ildriowen

For the pink «ednm. double load a no. 10 Hat with Wider White and Deny Wine. Tap the du%el exlge in a fan tbape. nulinc several Uyerv t »ir>c a r*>. 2 teripc hner and ink) Green Fcircu. pamt fatile eunncetmg ttcinkt* under each Miwaw

FWal V'll') Winwf

Thistles on Side Panels

1 If >vu uivh. tontunac the «ikj-1 / flower theme onto the «adc pin-ch «»I the icwiriry amwrr. I*aint in some gmm jnd lease* and pounce mtm jrnt a% )ou did cxi the front. Here I «ml mi»n I lfutmi* Medium on my brush to make the stems look more »We and hke they're m the tueijrnnnd I then added a tew different type» of Hom er« *oeh at dacsic«, rajrwecd and veronica before I licgan painnng the rfmtin

I htvtlo are fun and easy to pamt with a no 12 flat lieush dusiblc loaded with Dioxannc Purple and Wicker White Foe well spiky Iii tic •petal" make an upward flip with the brush. Iradinr with the white cdFc rano, r f. flat double loailed with Sunflower and (^ten Foroi, paint ihr l*a«c of the thtuics wuh i

torn Then make three little kam hau pus down from that base.

Wnh the same (Ut lieush. make nny downward «troke« in la>ers all the way to the Mem.

leading with the

(ifecti Fore« cdjfc of the brush

4dd Little Garden Insects

-)-)<>nthetopufthe annotre. punt Utile butterllio, ZZ dragonfly and bumblebees v> thes U»A Ue thcy'i hovering ow the garden on the front of the arrnosre-Refer u> pages 4M5 ioe in%aruci»«.n% cm painting ¿meet* and vujnfc»tcd uOorv

"J 1 Ktnash «dT the tade paneh with any other wildflowen. « I sou hie and maybe ocn a I*imb4eliee or other garden ertttrrs.

Ik.Jjmfcy AnMn

Pattern for Front of Armoire

Tbl« p*trm mar tarxJtraccJ d pik*uojf«cd fcw pen. mal mc cmHc. EnUner «i 2 to Kinc n up to fall ux.

*) Dcoeiii.vKMmmrv^lVmfVwWrTy

Finished Jewelry Armoire

^ "J .-VUI *«me %nuCI. bright braw drawer puIU 10 give ¿m J )vjur )c*clr\ anrwure an elegant tini%hed looL

IWilJorby Vrnxn »I

frtjttt terra

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