Fig Second Assembly Note Proportionate Checks Within Volumetric Casing

FIG. 14-THIRD ASSEMBLY» AND FORM STAGE COMPLETED WITH CONSTRUCTION. FINAL PROPORTIONATE PATTERN, disturb the function of that space, for neckties vary in lengths and usually are folded once.

The volume of the minor parts now becomes a minor volume of the whole design or of the major volume of which the correct and convenient height has to be ascertained. As the major volume assumes shape, the mind should be kept open to all impressions of a creative nature. Possibilities of additional shelving in the lower portions of the volume may be included as a part of the pattern and closed by doors or left open. These arrangements will give the plastic character to the volume; but as the article is intended for a young man, it should have a masculine appearance, be extremely durable and, of course, simple and thus in keeping with modernism.

Regarding construction and materials, let us put hinged covers on the stud and handkerchief boxes while the other articles are placed in drawer containers. On examining several dressers, holes made by cigarette burns noted lapses from the neatness supposedly innate in this man, giving ample reason for using some form of fireproof plastic on surfaces exposed to this danger.

In Figure 149, the problem stands complete, a crystallization of orderly functionalism arising in human desires, and a lucid exposition of the modern method of attack. While the motive primarily is vertical, that is, the volumetric casing is vertical in character and is so supported by shelving, the top minor masses have a horizontal thrust. The thrust problem, then, is one of balancing the contrasting tendencies; and, for this purpose, appendages and enrichment are called into play, introducing at the same time an element of smartness and style, of interest to the man. Metal or ebony inlay will give durability and sparkle to the design.

This method of approach is applicable to many problems involving human needs. Check common articles of furniture —do they bring functionalism and beauty into daily life?

Functional Space Delôigninô creative Design based on space, volume.©•

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space for tea tray and equipment«

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