Chapter One. The Functional Spirit of Modern

Design 15


The Spirit of Modern Design and Functionalism

Chapter Two. Technique and Terminology of

Modern Design 23

Volume, Mass, and Form

The Volumetric Casing or Envelope

Modified Isometric

The Foreshortening Triangle

The Volume and Its Isometric Rendering—Method One

The Creative Approach to Volume Design—Method Two

Chapter Three. Volumes, Their Proportions and

Qualities 35

Significant Lines

Dynamic and Static Volumes in Relation to Lines Proportions and Linear Relationships Linear Relationships Proportionate Areas

Justification for a Systematic Proportionate Approach

The Hambiclge Rectangles Similar Rectangles

Chapter Four. The Space and Mass or Blocking-

out Stage 49

Order The Field

Steps for Space and Mass Patterning page

Chapter Five. Balance 59

Definition of Balance Space-and-Mass Balance Patterns Mass-and-Space Proportions Thrust Balance Balance of Tone

Chapter Six. Plastic Forms and Materials 69

Plastic Types

Aids for Systematic Planning of Mass-and-Space Divisions The New Plastics Other New Materials

Chapter Seven. The Form Stage and Its Enrichment 79


Integrated Enrichment Technique of the Form Stage Modes of Enrichment

Subdivision of Modes or Enrichment in Relation to Their Effects on Masses

  1. Surface Enrichment
  2. Plastic Enrichment Construction

Summary of Construction and Enrichment

Chapter Eight. Textures and Veneers 91


Texture Harmony

Textures in Plastics and Metal


Veneer Patterns

Unit and Panel Veneer Design

Rare and Common Woods

Popular Veneers page

Lesser Known Woods Common Woods

Chapter Nine. Veneers, Enamels, and Volume Enrichment 103

Nonpenetrating or Surface Enrichment Tonal Balance in Veneers and Enamels Bands

Asymmetrical Treatment of Veneers


Plastic Enrichment

Chapter Ten. New Materials and New Forms 115

Metal and Glass Furniture Glass

Glossary for Glass

Metal and Wood Construction

Contour Enrichment

Bent Wood

Miscellaneous Projects Chapter Eleven. Advanced Problems, Unit Plan ning, and Color 1 31


Psychological Aspects Unit Planning Color

Chapter Twelve. Creative Design 145

A Human Desire Project

Utility Cabinet for the Dining Room

Miscellaneous Problems

Conversion Tables 154

Index 157

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