Texts relating to design and construction

NB: Many of the other texts have sections on the subject of design and construction.

Alexander, J. (1978) Make a Chair from a Tree: An Introduction to Working Green Wood, Greenwoodworking Bairstow, J. (1984) Practical and Decorative Woodworking

Joints, Batsford Blackie and Son (1970) Victorian Cabinet Makers Assistant

1853, Facsimile edition, Dover Bonnett, D. (1956) Contemporary Cabinet Design and

Construction, Batsford Evans, N.G. (1996) American Windsor Chairs, Hudson Hills Press

Hayward, Charles (1979) Antique or Fake? Evans Brothers Rider, L.Z. (1960) The Ornamented Chair, Rutland Stephenson, S. (1979) Rustic Furniture, Van Nostrand Symonds, R.W. (1955) Furniture Making in 17th and 18th

Century England, The Connoisseur Wells, P. and Hooper, C. (1924) Modern Cabinet Work, Furniture and Fitments, 4th edn, Batsford

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How To Sell Furniture

How To Sell Furniture

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