Part Conservation

9 Conservation preliminaries Nick Umney and Shayne Rivers

10 Principles of conserving and repairing wooden furniture

Shayne Rivers, Jonathan Thornton, Neil Trinder, Nick Umney, Antoine Wilmering and Albert Neher

11 Principles of cleaning Shayne Rivers, Gregory Landrey, Richard Wolbers and Julie Arslanoglu

12 Principles of consolidation, aesthetic reintegration and coatings

Shayne Rivers, Gregory Landrey and Stephen Gritt

13 Conserving transparent coatings on wood

Shayne Rivers, Gregory Landrey and Nick Umney

14 Introduction to traditional gilding Susan May, Brian Considine and Shayne Rivers

15 Conserving other materials I

15.1 Ivory, bone and antler, turtleshell and horn, mother-of-pearl

Frank Minney, Shayne Rivers and Jonathan Thornton

  1. 2 Paper labels and linings on furniture Jodie Lee Utter and Shayne Rivers
  2. 3 Metals

Francis Brodie, Shayne Rivers and Jonathan Thornton

15.4 Ceramics and enamels

Fi Jordan and Shayne Rivers

15.5 Flat glass, mirrors, reverse painted and gilded glass

Patricia R. Jackson and Shayne Rivers

16 Other materials II

  1. 1 Stone and related materials Charlotte Hubbard and Shayne Rivers
  2. 2 Plastics

Brenda Keneghan and Shayne Rivers

16.3 Upholstery

Sherry Doyal and Kathryn Gill

16.4 Leather

Timothy Hayes and Shayne Rivers

16.4 Parchment and shagreen

Roy Thomson and Shayne Rivers

16.5 Textiles

Marion Kite and Shayne Rivers

16.6 Painted furniture

Shayne Rivers and Richard Wolbers

16.7 Japanned furniture

Marianne Webb and Shayne Rivers

16.8 Oriental lacquer

Shayne Rivers and Nick Umney

16.9 Gilded furniture Shayne Rivers

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