Manufactured timber products

In addition to traditional forms of solid wood, mention must also be made of the many forms of manufactured wood products. These are based on veneers, on veneers combined with solid wood and on reconstituted wood particles, fibres, flakes and chips. A concise guide to these materials is given by Schniewind (1989). Their production and properties are discussed by Hoadley (1980) and more comprehensively reviewed in the United States Department of Agriculture Handbook of Wood and Wood-based Materials (Forest Products Laboratory, 1989). The use of these materials in the production of furniture is reviewed by Hanks (1981) and the chemistry of wood polymer composites is discussed by Meyer (1984). Deterioration of these materials in relation to their production and use in furniture is discussed by Klim (1990), who also reviews conservation treatment.

Wood Working for Amateur Craftsman

Wood Working for Amateur Craftsman

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