This term refers to materials which are spun and plied with a finished diameter of less than one inch. It may also be applied to materials that are plaited or knotted in construction. These materials have been used to produce seating and bedding since ancient times, as seen in surviving Egyptian furniture. Types of cordage include Sea Grass (Chinese sedge, family Cyperaceae, genus Carex) and Danish cord, a three-ply paper string popularized by the twentieth century Danish Modern high style. Danish cord is used on Wegner's 1950 Chair 24, and cellophane cordage is used on Ponti's 1957 side chair Superlegga 699. The cordage technique requires frames with a dowel rail type construction and the cord tends to be of the whip cord type, that is a closely twisted hard cord, resistant to stretching.

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Wood Working for Amateur Craftsman

Wood Working for Amateur Craftsman

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