Conservation of Furniture

Nick Umney & Shayne Rivers

Conservation of Furniture

Butterworth-Heinemann Series in Conservation and Museology

Series Editors: Arts and Archaeology Andrew Oddy British Museum, London

Architecture Derek Linstrum

Formerly Institute of Advanced Architectural Studies, University of York

US Executive Editor: Norbert S. Baer

New York University, Conservation Center of the Institute of Fine Arts

Consultants: Sir Bernard Feilden David Bomford

National Gallery, London C.V. Horie

Manchester Museum, University of Manchester

Sarah Staniforth National Trust, London John Warren

Institute of Advanced Architectural Studies, University of York

Published titles: Artists' Pigments c.1600-1835, 2nd Edition (Harley)

Care and Conservation of Geological Material (Howie)

Care and Conservation of Palaeontological Material (Collins)

Chemical Principles of Textile Conservation (Tímár-Balázsy, Eastop)

Conservation and Exhibitions (Stolow)

Conservation and Restoration of Ceramics (Buys, Oakley)

Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art and Antiquities (Kühn)

Conservation of Brick (Warren)

Conservation of Building and Decorative Stone (Ashurst, Dimes) Conservation of Earth Structures (Warren) Conservation of Glass (Newton, Davison) Conservation of Historic Buildings (Feilden)

Conservation of Historic Timber Structures: An Ecological Approach to

Preservation (Larsen, Marstein) Conservation of Library and Archive Materials and the Graphic Arts (Petherbridge)

Conservation of Manuscripts and Painting of South-east Asia (Agrawal)

Conservation of Marine Archaeological Objects (Pearson)

Conservation of Wall Paintings (Mora, Mora, Philippot)

Historic Floors: Their History and Conservation (Fawcett)

A History of Architectural Conservation (Jokilehto)

Lacquer: Technology and Conservation (Webb)

The Museum Environment, 2nd Edition (Thomson)

The Organic Chemistry of Museum Objects, 2nd Edition (Mills, White)

Radiography of Cultural Material (Lang, Middleton)

The Textile Conservator's Manual, 2nd Edition (Landi)

Upholstery Conservation: Principles and Practice (Gill, Eastop)

Related titles: Concerning Buildings (Marks)

Laser Cleaning in Conservation (Cooper)

Lighting Historic Buildings (Phillips)

Manual of Curatorship, 2nd Edition (Thompson)

Manual of Heritage Management (Harrison)

Materials for Conservation (Horie)

Metal Plating and Patination (Niece, Craddock)

Museum Documentation Systems (Light)

Risk Assessment for Object Conservation (Ashley-Smith)

Touring Exhibitions (Sixsmith)

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First published 2003

Copyright © 2003, Shayne Rivers and Nick Umney. All rights reserved

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