It would take a very large space indeed to acknowledge everyone who has helped this book to come to fruition and it is inevitable that I will leave out the names of many who deserve to be mentioned individually. First, I wish to thank profoundly all those authors and contributors whose names are given in the contributors' list, especially those who promptly delivered finished text and then had to wait many years before seeing their work in print. I would like to thank the staff of the Conservation Department at the V&A Museum, particularly Charles Wright, John Kitchin, and John Bornhoft, who got me started in conservation and Jonathan Ashley Smith for his support, encouragement and opportunity for professional development in his department. Many professional colleagues have also assisted with advice, references, illustrations and in other ways and I would like to thank particularly Stephen Copestake for allowing me to use material from his third year undergraduate thesis, Mere te Winness and Roger Griffith for use of material from their Masters theses, David Pinniger and Jonathan Stein for help with insect pest material, and Junka Mori for picture research. The staff at ButterworthHeinemann have been very supportive over the years and I would like to thank Anne

Berne, Caroline Lacy, Marie Milmore, Clare Sims and Alison Yates, and particularly Neil Warnock Smith. My wife, Lydia and children, Michael and Georgina had to put up with me stuck in front of a keyboard for untold weekends but have been endlessly tolerant and supportive throughout this endeavour. Finally, I have to say a very special thank you to Shayne, without whom this book would never have been finished.

I am grateful to the many friends and colleagues who assisted, supported or offered constructive criticism during the preparation of this book, in particular Albert Neher, Jonathan Ashley-Smith, Liz Wray, Tim Hayes, Colin Piper, Jonathan Thornton, Gregory Landrey, Julie Arslanoglu, Alan Cummings, Simon Hogg, Dr A.G. Holton, Brenda Keneghan, Alan Phenix, Christine Powell, Carolyn Sargentson, Terry Vincent (John Mylands Ltd), Marianne Webb, Judith Wetherall, David Widdowson, Richard Wolbers and Yoshihiko Yamashita. My heartfelt thanks goes to my partner, Izzy and son, Dan who have offered me unstinting love and support throughout this project.

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