Pilot Drill Bits

The pilot drill bits shown on page 22 are available from local and mail order sources. Woodstnith is offering a special kit of our favorite bits for No. 8 and No. 6 standard and Lo-Root screws, (see box below).



Woodstnith is offering a kit of hardware for the kid's table and two chairs.

kit #56a. Kid's Table and Chairs, $3.95. The kit includes:

  • 8) 2Y" Flathead Confirm√Ęt (connector) Screws for the table.
  • 20) 2" Flathead Confirm√Ęt Screws for the two chairs.

For each additional chair, add $1.25 for 10 extra screws per chair. Please specifv: "EXTRA SCREWS FOR_CHAIRS."


Woodstnith is also offering two kits of hardware for the computer desk and printer stand. (Thgse kits do not include screws. To order s8?ws, see kit on right.)

kit #56b. Computer Desk Kit (for the desk only), $6.95. This kit includes:

  • 1) 24" Brass Piano Hinge/Screws.
  • 4) Steel Base Glides, %" dia.

kit #56C. Computer Desk and Printer Stand, $17.95. Thus kit includes the items in the desk kit (above), plus:

  • 1 more) Piano Hinge, with screws.
  • 4) Twin Wheel Casters, 2" wheels, 2'/2" overall height, black.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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