Kids Table

After finishing the chairs, I made a matching table. This table has a particle board top (covered with Formica) that's framed with hardwood and rests on criss-cross leg supports. As with the chairs, the table parts are joined with lap joints.


To make the frame for the top, begin by ripping 4/4 (l:yia" actual thickness) stock to 2" wide. Then cut the stock into four 30"-long frame pieces (E), see Fig. 1.

lap joints. After the frame pieces are cut to length, end laps are made to join the top frame at the corners.

To cut these lap joints, I first made the shoulder cuts exactly half-way through each piece, and 2" from the end. Then I made the cheek cut using a tenon jig that rides on top of the table saw- fence. (See page 5 for more on this technique.)

top. After the four lap joints are cut, the top panel (F) is cut to size. This panel is made of V" particle board covered with Formica (just like the chair seats).

Begin by cutting the particle board to the shoulder-to-shoulder dimensions of the frame. Next, cut a piece of laminate to size so it's '// larger overall than the particle board (so it overhangs the edges by lA" all around). Then use contact cement to glue it and trim the edges flush with a flush trim bit on the router table, see page 6.

spline grooves. The next step is to cut the grooves for the Vx" Masonite splines that join the top to the frame. To cut these grooves, I used a slot cutter, but this time I mounted it in a router for handheld operation instead of in the router table as for the chair seats.

Shop Note: There are two reasons for hand routing these grooves. First, it's easier to move the router on a big surface (like the table top) than it is to try to slide the tabletop across the router table.

The second reason is that the grooves in the frame pieces that extend into the lap tongues are stopped, see Fig. 2. I find it easier to make a stopped groove with a hand-held router because I s66 the progress of the bit. (It's not hidden against the face of the router table fence.)

spline and glue. After cutting all the grooves, I ripped some Vh Masonite a hair less than 1" wide. (This leaves just a little glue relief at the bottom of each Vfe" deep slot.) Then glue the particle board to the frame pieces while at the same time gluing and clamping the lap joints.

spacers. After the top is all glued together, four spacers (G) are attached to the bottom for mounting the leg frames. These spacers are made from 4/4 stock 2" wide rgure 1

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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