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After the leg and top units are assembled, the three drawers can be added. I started by making the guides to hold the drawers.

the guides. Begin by ripping enough stock 7/i(i" x y*" to make six 23"-long drawer guides (L), see Fig. 15. To mount the guides, drill countersunk shank holes through each guide for No. 8 x V* screws.

mount the guides. The guides are mounted VAn" down from the bottom of the edge of the cleats (F), see Fig. 15. (To keep the guides in position while mounting them, I cut a l7/i6"-wide spacer to fit between the guide and cleat.)


After the guides are attached, work can begin on the three drawers.

cut to size. I started by cutting the six drawer sides (M) 2u'Ae wide and to a rough length of 25". (They're cut to final length after the drawers are assembled.)

cut grooves. Each drawer side has a %"-deep groove cut to fit over the drawer guides, see Fig. 17. I cut this groove Vir," wider than the drawer guides (lVie~) for an easy fit. I also located it 1%" down from the top edge so the drawer front will clear the front edge of the desktop by about Vis", refer to the Detail in Fig. 15.


Next, I built the center keyboard drawer. This drawer is unique because it has a special drop-down front that allows access to the keyboard.

profile side. To build this drawer, I started by cutting a tapered profile on two of the drawer sides, see Fig. 16. (This is just for appearance to match the slant of the keyboard. ) Also, cut a 2'/¿"-long notch off the front end of the drawer sides to leave a 1:i/ir,"-thick "arm", see Fig. 18.

drawer front. The center drawer front (N) is cut to the same width as the drawer sides (2lYi6"), see Fig. 16. Then, this piece is cut to length so it overlaps the ends of the two center supports (25"), refer to Fig. 19.

drawer back. After cutting the drawer front to length, I cut the drawer back (0) to a width of 2%", see Fig. 16. The length of this piece equals the distance between the two center supports (23%"), less the thickness of the two sides (1%"), less V» (for side clearance).

front edge. The drawer front is designed to drop down so you can get to the keyboard, see Fig. 19. To hinge the drawer front, cut a support strip (P) 2" wide and V" longer than the drawer back. (The extra Vt is to allow for the W tongues on the ends, see Fig. 18.)

bottom groove. Before this piece is joined to the sides, cut a groove for the drawer bottom along the inside edge of the

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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