The assembled top and base shelf are fastened to the legs with cleats.

top cleats. To make the cleats (F), rip two pieces -V*" square, and cut them to length to fit between the front edging strip and the back edge of the top, see Fig. 2. Then drill %*"-dia. shank holes through two sides of the cleats, offsetting the holes %" so they don't run into each other.

bottom cleats. The bottom cleats (G) are ripped to 2%" wide. These are mounted to the base shelf by pre-drilling two counterbored holes for 2'/r screws, see Detail in Fig. 3. Also, pre-drill six shank holes that are used later to mount the cleats to the legs, see Fig. 2.

fasten cleats. After the shank holes are drilled, drill pilot holes in the top and base shelf. Position these pilot holes so the cleat is Vu" in from the edges, see Detail in Fig. 3. (This offset ensures that the edges of the top and base will be drawn tight against the legs.)

corner blocks. After fastening the bottom cleats, I glued in corner blocks (H) to secure the cleats (G) to the front and back edge pieces, see Fig. 3.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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