Base Frames

When the spacers are in place, the top is complete. The next step is making the leg frames. The legs consists of three frames— two short ones and one long one—that fit together in a cross shape, refer to figure 6.

cut to size. Begin by cutting all the pieces for both the long frame and the short frames to size, refer to Fig. 4 and 5.

lap joints. All of these pieces are joined with lap joints cut on the ends of the pieces, see Figs. 4 and 5. The long frame also has a center lap on the two long frame rails (C). (See page 5 for more on cutting lap joints.)

mounting holes. Before the frames can be assembled, several holes have to be bored through the width of the stock. These holes are for joining the two short frames to the long frame, and for attaching the assembled base to the spacers on the table top. (To make sure these holes are straight, bore them with a drill press.)

Note: Although the two short frames start out being identical twins, the mounting holes have to be bored so they don't run into each other. Lay out the frames and mark the position of the mounting holes as shown in Fig. 5.

glue together. After all the shank holes are drilled, the frames can be glued together. When the glue is dry, cut a 1" radius off the bottom outside corner of all the frames and a W radius off the bottom inside corner of the two short frames, see Fig. 6. Then use a W round-over bit to round over the outside and inside edges of all the frames. .

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